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Re: FrameBuffers

On Wed, 6 Sep 2000, Jay Estabrook wrote:

> It should be better than that; I went through 2.2.17-pre and
> 2.4.0-test6-pre and fixed a few small problems that made some of the
> others work as well; Rage128 was one that I fixed, along with
> Permedia2. More are available under 2.4.x, including nVidia and 3Dfx
> which worked OOTB on Alpha, but a number were not checked or didn't
> work - Cirrus, SiS, Mach64.

This is very good news!  Thank you for clarifying that.  The docs I found
were pretty antiquated.

> I believe there was working support for 3Dfx in 3.3.6, though it
> wasn't built by default on Alpha even though it did work.

Did it?  I'm still running an ancient S3 card in mine, so I didn't know
whether or not to recommend enabling it for Alpha for Debian.  I seemed to
recall some issues with it, but that could've been with a prior X release.

> But, it sounded as if the 1000A SRM console did work OK with the
> Voodoo3, which is the first hurdle that must be cleared. Whether
> it would work with others, such as nVidia or the like, is unclear;
> it must be tried to find out. Using the latest SRM console available
> for the 1000A is the best bet, but I'm almost certain (at least) the
> later nVidia cards would not work, as the BIOS emulator only recently
> (on the EV6 platforms at least) became able to run their code... :-\

Yeah, I noted that SRM seemed ok with with it, which puts the kernel in
focus as the next "let's see if this is the problem" step of diagnosing
their situation.


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