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Re: install debian on Alphaserver DS20

> Hello, 

> I tried to install debian 2.1 to an Alphasever DS20 with official CDROM. I
> had trouble in the very beginning. At the SRM prompt, I entered:

Debian 2.1 is based on the kernel 2.0.x series, which do not support
the arch of the DS20. You'll need a kernel 2.2.x based version.

If you have a *decent* Internet access, go download Debian 2.2 ( potato ).
It's not in released state, but runs perfect on my UP2000m which is almost
the same as your DS20.
Check out ftp.debian.org. I don't now *exactly* were, but there are
some ISO-images to burn yourself, in order to get you a CD-based
IMHO, the best method is to get the "disks-alpha" tree, create your
own boot-floppies ( the instructions are included there ) and to get
the dists/potato tree. Then setup some ftp/http system, or copy
the stuff to a filesystem you created during the base-install ( with
the disks-alpha ).
I prefer this methode, however YMMV. Go try it, I'm almost certain, you'll
like Debian 2.2 potato *a lot*.

Thomas Weyergraf                                                kirk@colinet.de
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