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Re: potato

On Sat, 15 Jul 2000, Anthony Towns wrote:

> Since both dark and I have been absent for the last week or so the number
> of RC bugs has ballooned outrageously, and some of your uploads and such
> have been left sitting in incoming, and as such the release hasn't gotten
> significantly closer. Sorry about that. :(

No prob.  Some of the alpha fixes are in incoming, from my
understanding.  I'm pretty sure that we're ready to write off the rest.

> In any event, we'll hopefully get incoming cleared out shortly, and have
> i386 done in a day or two. Hopefully.


> At this point, as far as i386 is concerned I expect most problems will
> be ignored, save for maybe a couple of removals, a couple of upgrades,
> and a handful of security fixes which will probably still be being added
> at a fairly late stage.

The only removals that we've pretty much decided for alpha-wise are
gnomeicu and lilypond (gnomeicu doesn't run correctly and lilypond has
ancient dependencies and the new version won't compile for alpha now).
I'll double check on others.  If gnucash isn't patched also, it should be
removed due to an inability to read it's own files.  I've provided
limited-scope patch for it, but the new version supercedes the patch and
adds some other fixes as well; it's probably too late to put the new
version into potato at this stage.

I welcome other posts as to what else is not working on Alpha.  I've only
tested a few packages lately, so I'm not too sure of the list anymore
(too much kernel hacking clutters my brain).

> On an only marginally related matter, I'd appreciate it if y'all could
> get woody autobuilders happening fairly promptly and effectively by
> the time potato releases. If there are hardware or bandwidth problems,
> it'd be nice to resolve these ASAP, rather than JIT...

I believe our autobuilder is chugging along nicely (with some delays since
it's hand-started).  At any rate, once potato is released, I'll be doing
my usual compilation-fests, so no worries with us.

If you happen to have some spare SCSI disks around so I can establish a
mirror, though...scp'ing can get old at times :-)


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