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Re: getting troubles compiling kernel 2.4.0test3 with debian 2.2

On Thu, 13 Jul 2000, Anton Ivanov wrote:

> 	Hi Chris,
> 	Looking at your mail I get a very strong deja vu feeling. See below.
> 	Can you please check kernel archive, 
> 	this diff looks too familiar and there was something about the jiffies/lost 
> ticks... Just a few days ago... DEF_PRIORITY was circulating just today.
> 	IMHO: maybe reposting this to linux-kernel is a good idea.

I may do that if it compiles and boots fine (am compiling now).  I also
would like to provide a diff that propagates the changes across the
remaining archs (so I'm not doing the arch-centric thing like I see alot
with i386'ers).

I basically used the test2->test3 diff to figure out the proper changes,
so they should work, but I'm shocked that nobody thought about other archs
when doing these changes to begin with.  Oh, well...guess that's why I'm
here :-)

I'll repost my patch to the kernel list in an hour or so assuming all goes

Thanks for the note...I'll be browsing the kernel list in a few minutes


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