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UDB and potato

I'm trying to install the base system via floppies, but after it loads all 16 of the base disks, it begins to extract the files, which fails due to an uncompression error. It does not complain at any point while reading the disks, and I've used several different sets of new disks, am I just having bad luck with my floppies, or is there something else I could look at? I'm dd-ing the disks on a sun box. I could write them on a alphaserver, but I'm not supposed to be able to login to that machine (let alone su), and someone might notice a bunch of linux files being ftp'd over, so I'd rather not.

I've got the SRM console and AlphaBIOS, which I recently flashed with the updates from compaq. Before doing that I could not get it to boot off a floppy at all. Now, it is set to run the SRM (TRUE64/unix setting), it tries the harddrive, which was wiped before I got it and have since re-partitioned anyway. It then boots from the floppy fine, and I can otherwise follow along with dbootstrap as usual, until it starts building base2_2.tgz. I think it dies before the file is complete because I could not find the base2_2.tgz file.
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