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Re: compiling packages

On Thu, 22 Jun 2000, Stefano Curtarolo Bavaresco Vial wrote:

> ES40 with 4CPus, 32MB cache, and 16GB of memory, costs 85K$ each.
> You have to add other stuff like hot disks, tapes, and so on ...
> We have two but we are going to build a beowulf cluster buying more, 
> very soon. 
> They are impressive: the kernel (2.4) takes very very very little  ...

Very impressive :-)  Glad to hear that Debian's running nicely on that
kind of "big iron".  It sounds like you'll have quite an impressive setup.

I know one way that you could definitely help the project, though.  It's
not too fun, but we could definitely use some documentation help regarding
installing Debian on that particular machine type.  Seems that we have
alot of different types of machines that Debian's being installed on, but
very little official documentation on how that's being accomplished.

Thanks for the info!

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