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Re: compiling packages

On Thu, 22 Jun 2000, Stefano Curtarolo wrote:

> we have bought a bunch of ef67 machines.

Wow...wish I could even touch these things :-)

> I would like to help Debian compiling some packages 
> for alpha. 
> Is here some coordinator who divides the packages 
> between volonteers ??

Not really.  Woody's packages are being compiled by the autobuilder and
I'm handling the potato packages by hand until release.  If you're
willing, though, you could always offer access to the machines to Debian
developers, allowing them to compile their own packages on them.  We have
a few Alphas already in such service, but more could never hurt :-)

At the very least, I wouldn't mind having access since I compile the
biggest packages out there (glibc, gcc, etc)...


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