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Re: Potato + amd + alpha = bug 44133

On Fri, 9 Jun 2000, Frederic Ferrere wrote:

> hello,
> First i apologise about my english.

No problem :-)  I actually find your english quite good compared to some
of the people here (Miami, FL) :-)

> It seems that the bug 44133 (amd : unaligned trap signal)
> is not corrected.
> Is anybody have a solution ?

Can you give me the unaligned trap messages?  It would help me to hunt
down the problem...

> Will amd be removed from potato in the stable version, if the bug is not 
> corrected ? 

Probably not.  Unaligned trap messages are merely warnings that a memory
access or two is being done on a non-properly-aligned item.  It can lead
to memory corruption in the application in some cases, but it's rare.

> Is anybody works on it ?

I'd be happy to :-)  Let me know what the messages are and I'll hook up
the monitor and keyboard to the Alpha again so I can debug away...


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