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hwclock confusion


my computer is still 2 hours too early. I know this problem has been
discussed before. It was mentioned, that one should change the setting
in /etc/default/rcS from UTC=no to UTC=yes. I did this, but it did not
have any effect at all.  Since I still need RedHat for work until the
Debian install is completed, I would anyway prefer having the system set
to local time.  When changing the time manually in the BIOS setup,
Debian changes system time as well, but it is always 2 hours ahead. 

After finding this hwclock command, I had a look in its manpages and
tried this:

alphons:/etc/default# hwclock --show
Sun Jun  4 21:12:55 2000  -0.961548 seconds

And this is obscure! Here in Cologne it is now 7:12 pm. It cannot read
the BIOS clock properly.

I tried the debug option and this is the output:

alphons:/etc/default# hwclock --debug --show
we have read epoch 1980 from /dev/rtc with RTC_EPOCH_READ ioctl.
funky TOY!
hwclock 2.4c/util-linux-2.10f
Using /dev/rtc interface to clock.
Last drift adjustment done at 959521188 seconds after 1969
Last calibration done at 959521188 seconds after 1969
Hardware clock is on UTC time
Assuming hardware clock is kept in UTC time.
Waiting for clock tick...
/dev/rtc does not have interrupt functions. Waiting in loop for time
from /dev/rtc to change
...got clock tick
Time read from Hardware Clock: 19:27:41
Hw clock time : 100/06/04 19:27:41 = 960146861 seconds since 1969
Sun Jun  4 21:27:41 2000  -0.362794 seconds

My alphons seems to be one of those Alphas mentioned in the manpages
where the hwclock program is mislead by whatever. Alphons is an LX164
with AlphaBIOS 5.66. Is it correct to use the funky toy option for it or
might the problem be, that it cannot find any interrupt functions?
The BIOS is set to the proper time, under RedHat it is displayed
correctly and booting RedHat after Debian does not do any harm to the
time setting in RedHat (Since I did not install RedHat on alphons, I
have no idea whether the people, I got the computer from, did use some
kind of trick. I just can say that it does not change properly from
winter to summer time and vice versa. I have to remember doing this by

What's the trick here?

Thanks in advance,





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