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Re: Static apt and dpkg done

On Tue, 9 May 2000, J.A. Bezemer wrote:

> Strange. AFAIK i386 and m68k didn't have those problems. Maybe architectural
> issues. Or a woody box? (Shouldn't be any problem, static=static)

It's probably because of differences in our dynamic loader.  Seems that
alpha's ldd actually exits with an error if it's run against static
binaries.  Wouldn't be surprised if it happens on PPC or sparc too, but
I'm not so sure if it does or not...

> Excellent! I've just got them, seems to be fine. Only notably bigger than i386
> and m68k, but that'll be the doubled word size ;-)

Yeah, definitely.  It's also because of some binary compatibility issues
between Alpha Linux and Tru64 (aka Digital UNIX).  They've arranged the
Linux binaries and sections in the same way as Tru64 for some
compatibility reasons, so I'm sure we have alot of extra stuff that i386
and m68k really didn't need to worry about.


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