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Re: segfaults and other murders

"Christopher C. Chimelis" wrote:

> On Mon, 1 May 2000, Ron Farrer wrote:
> > I used my best friend apt-get, who grabbed the source. I then enter the
> > source tree modified a couple lines in 'configure' (changed every
> > reference of "-g" to "-g3" (used grep to verify I didn't miss any)). I
> > watched it compile (as best I could) and it DID use the "-g3". Then I
> > purged the stock gnomeicu (dpkg --purge gnomeicu) and installed mine
> > (dpkg -i gnomeicu_0.90b-1_alpha.deb). I tried it a second time and it
> > still claims there is no debugging. I dunno why?
> Comment out any and all 'strip' commands that you encounter (including in
> debian/rules...look out for dh_strip).  'strip' removes debugging symbols
> from the binaries and is expected to be used during packaging (and often
> it's used in the 'install' step of makefiles).

That or use "debian/rules build" instead of binary, this will produce an
unstripped binary in place but no package.  You then have to run the binary from
there, e.g. (I unpack into /usr/src/packages) "gdb
/usr/src/packages/gnomeicu-version/src/gnomeicu".  Then you don't have to modify
all the makefiles, configure scripts or debian/rules.

Still, if the segfault is in malloc or free, this won't really help. :-(


-Adam P.

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