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Re: segfaults and other murders

Ron Farrer <rbf@farrer.net> writes:

> I know how to file proper bug reports!

Good :-)

Sorry if I implied otherwise, it's just that I didn't see anything in
the message to indicate what you were talking about.  Also, I just
wanted to point out some things to other people who might be reading.

Perhaps my memory is failing me, but it would still be helpful to
give a quick summary, or a tracking number from the BTS, for people
who might be hearing about the problem for the first time.

> The *icq problems are only on Alpha
> that Christopher C Chimelis (chris@debian.org) knows about. I was just checking 
> to see if anyone had found a solution to the problem yet. 

Is there a bug filed?

> As for nmap I was simply checking to see if anyone has had the same
> problem. If not then I will file a bug report on it. 

That would be useful...  What is the problem, again?  (searching my
mailboxes comes up blank on both licq and nmap, but I have Gnus set to
expire my mailing list folders rather agressively)

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