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Interesting Multia Hack...

I have yet to get SRM to recognize a PCI ethernet card in my Multia. Not
even a genuine DE500-AA. After some hacking I figured out a way to get a
Multia to nfsroot using the PCI card though.

- Stick a tulip card in the PCI slot
- Plug both NICs into your hub
- Setup your bootp server to serve the same IP for both MAC address's
(at least isc dhcp allows me to do this)
- execute the command 'boot -p bootp ewa -fl "root=/dev/nfs nfsroot=<nfs
server ip>:<nfs server path> ip=:::::eth1:bootp"'

Anyways, SRM will pull the kernel down using ewa0 which it recognizes.
As soon as Linux runs it will use eth1 for it's bootp request and

Brian Macy

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