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Re: .config for Frozen Alpha

Wai-Sun Chia <waisun.chia@msa.dec.com> writes:

> Could anybody pls point me to the .config of the kernel being
> distributed in the frozen distro (Alpha of course)?

Because our system for building kernels sucks, it's not in any
package.  We could fix this by using the 'kernel-patch' package system
used by other architectures, any volunteers? :-)  See the
kernel-patch-2.2.14-powerpc package for an example of how it works.

I have the precious .config on one of my Alphas, or possibly also on a
disk that is currently sitting in a machine at lkg.dec.com, in which
case I'll grab it for you tomorrow.

In the case that the 2.2.14-2 revision of the kernel packages has
STILL not been installed into the archive (grumble), then you might
want to ask Christian Meder <meder@debian.org>, as he's the one that
built the 2.2.14-1 kernels.

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