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Re: potato install-items


On 8 Apr 2000, David Huggins-Daines wrote:

> > does it have any bad effects, if the install procedure "thinks" that it
> > is year 2020? Under the freshly installed potato system the year is set
> Configuring the network with DHCP won't work ... at least, this is
> what I've seen in the case where the system clock gets set to 2048 or
> 2052 (only two of the countless hwclock failure modes on SRM - someone
> really should fix hwclock)

Hmm, my Alpha has an AlphaBIOS 5.66, it is not SRM, but since I don't
intend to setup a DHCP server, this hopefully won't trouble me.
> Specifically the problem with it not changing to the next item of the
> install procedure was because the script on the rescue disk that
> installs the kernel was installing the kernel uncompressed as
> /boot/vmlinux, but the installer program was looking for /boot/vmlinuz
> as an indicator that installing the kernel had succeeded.

The installed kernel is called vmlinux, so it might be this specific
bug. Perhaps it is a good idea to download the newest floppy-images,
although they are at the moment not needed. 
Thanks for answering!





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