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potato install-items


does it have any bad effects, if the install procedure "thinks" that it
is year 2020? Under the freshly installed potato system the year is set
correctly to 2000, just that already heavily discussed time thing
strikes: My computer is 2 hours early. Since I "trained" the Debian
install with slink base first, before installing potato, I´ve seen the
same phenomenon during install of slink (year 2020).

Besides that, I ran into a loop when installing potato (on an LX164,
AlphaBIOS 5.66). It stayed stuck at the part "installing system and
kernel modules" (Cannot recall the exact words right now). At first, I
thought, that it was caused by an error in drivers.tgz, since that
message showed up. To overcome this I switched to floppies with
driver1.bin and driver2.bin, this time without error message, but it
still did not change to the next item of the install procedure. Finally,
I simply had a look whether the kernel was already installed, chose some
additional settings like networking stuff manually in the install menu
and simply rebooted the system ignoring the loop. After adding an
apropriate line in the AlphaBIOS the system started up, seemingly
without problems. But at the moment I´ve got only the base installed, so
it hasn´t been tested too much. 

Is this behaviour of the install procedure a bug which still needs to be
fixed or did something go wrong with my specific install on my computer?





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