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Re: whoami: cannot find username for UID 1001

"Waite, Michael" wrote:

> That is not a bug.
> Sounds more like pilot error.

Thanks, that's good to know... if only I knew what a pilot error is!

My (Intel) NIS server lost a handful of files from /var during a reboot over the

Uh oh, tried to fix it remotely and got myself into a heap of trouble...  The
problem is pretty serious, I'll have to go in and fix it.

One question: why did my Intel clients still work in spite of this problem?

> I have a large NIS network http://www.testdrive.copaq.com.
> Grab a shell account and see for yourself that Debian works perfectly in the
> environment that you are discussing.

Okay, I believe you.


-Adam P.

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