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Boot-floppies 2.2.8 uploaded for alpha, subarchitecture and MILO issues


I've uploaded an official build of boot-floppies 2.2.8 for Alpha.  It
won't actually show up in /debian/dists/potato/main/disks-alpha/ until
it gets installed there by the release manager.

This is built with the "reduced rescue" option turned on, meaning that
the only subarchitectures that actually have rescue and drivers images
and tarballs are generic and jensen.  In the future this will include
nautilus, since it's different from all the others. (Right now there's
an APB directory in the tarball but it's empty until we have nautilus
stuff... in fact I suspect there will be SRM firmware for the UP1000
in the rather near future, seeing as the kernel support for it is in
2.2.15pre :)

>From looking at the sheer volume of *stuff* that gets built if we go
with the full set of subarchitectures, it's obvious that we cannot do
this for potato.  The full set is some 220 megabytes large - and a CD
is only 650M!

In this upload, all the subarchitectures that use MILO have
directories containing only a milo.bin disk.  I don't really think we
gain anything from making MILO disks, so I'm probably going to remove
those in 2.2.9 and update the documentation to say "just make a FAT
formatted floppy and put linload.exe and MILO on it" - a lot of people
will be booting from CD instead, and we need the "loose" MILO binaries
for that anyway.

This also makes the directory layout a lot cleaner.  Since we don't
have any disk sizes other than 1.4M on Alpha, in 2.2.9, I think I will
remove the intervening images-1.44/ directories (all we need to do is
make dbootstrap not default to looking in these directories on Alpha -
Sparc may want to do this too), so it will look like:

        (lots of MILO binaries)
        (various documentation, from the API floppy)
/linux (generic)
/drivers.tgz (generic)
/rescue.bin (generic)
/root.bin (generic)
/tftpboot.img (generic)
(base disks)
(generic drivers disks)
        (drivers disks)
        rescue.bin (including APB and PALCode, since it's small)
        (drivers disks)

Comments welcome - just keep the disk space restrictions and the need
for CD/Network installs to find the files in mind.

I'll also put Nikita's netbooting stuff in 2.2.9.

David Huggins-Daines, Senior Linux Consultant, Linuxcare, Inc.
613.562.1239 tel
dhuggins@linuxcare.com, http://www.linuxcare.com/
Linuxcare. Support for the revolution.

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