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potato boot floppies?


I want to "upgrade" my Redhat system (SX164) to a potato dist.
However I can't find the boot floppies I'd need for a fresh
installation. I can find a milo.bin image in the sx164 directory
(this is the test build made by David Huggins-Daines), but I
can't find the rescue and driver floppies.

Sorry for asking such a lame question in the first place, but
I'd love to switch to debian and I really need potato with the
new glibc and such.

Thank you!

  .~.   Konrad Podloucky    <konrad@pelimbert.tssc.univie.ac.at> 
  /V\                  Running GNU/Linux 2.2.15pre11 on an Alpha
 // \\  GnuPG/PGP-key available by request  
/(   )\ "Sun believes the only place for 63,000 bugs is a rain
 ^^-^^   forest." -- Sun (in response to M$'s "dot-truth")

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