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trouble building custon kernel under Debian 2.2

The following message is a courtesy copy of an article
that has been posted to comp.os.linux.alpha as well.

I have upgraded to my satisfaction from Debian 2.1 (stable) to 
Debian 2.2 (frozen).  I have been using a custom kernel 2.2.14 compiled
under Debian 2.1.  

I needed to create a new kernel with some modified settings.  However,
the kernel compilation dies.  I normally use the standard procedure
described in the original source (i.e., I do not use the custom Debian
packages to build my kernels).

Should Debian 2.2 (frozen or potato) be able to build kernels under
Alpha at this point?  What could be set wrong?  Do I need an earlier
version of gcc?  Do I need to be compiling from the 2.3.xx kernels?

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