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length error, halting on bootup.

i've been trying for SEVERAL days to build a new, workable kernel for my
as200@100mhz.  obviously, it takes forever to try new things.  :)  

i can't seem to compile *any* kernel- not even 2.0.36 as distributed with
the slink distro.  i finally built *just* the modules i needed (sound, to
build an entertainment-center-mp3-box :) ) and got marginally up to speed
that way.  

i'm really puzzled about the "length error" message i've been getting at
bootup with kernels that i compile.  the code builds, i get a kernel image
and modules, but it just doesn't boot.  it *looks* like its going to
unzip, but doesn't.  it gets as far as running 3-4 lines of hashes across
the screen, but where i expect to see it say "now booting" or whatever, it
dies.  :0

many thanks in advance... i'm up and running again (had redhat for ages
before... since the 5.0 days...) but i'd really like a more recent kernel
than 2.0.36 :)


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