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Re: Linload or milo problem on XL266

On Friday,  3 Mar, Marco Nuessgen wrote:
> Hello.
> Milo is of correct type. I tried the latest version (and some others).
> Always the same: System hangs. I use the linload.exe version for
> ARC-Bios from gatekeeper DEC.

By the way: MILO-2.2-15 has been released recently, which is expected to
actually work on all supported platforms.  Apart from giving it a try, I
sadly have no ideas what else to do.

Running diagnostics might shed some light, although not likely...  Anyway,
there are two things:
1) arcdiag.exe from genie.ucd.ie:/pub/alpha/milo/tools;
2) setting +S +V flags in milo image with miloctl and capturing serial

> Can anybody help? Has anybody successfully installed Debian 2.1 on a
> XL266?


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