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Re: [paul@wau.mis.ah.nl: Re: [roessler@guug.de: Re: [bartw@xs4all.nl: Bug#47981: Mutt segv on viewing list of attachments]]]

On Tue 26 Oct 1999, Thomas Roessler wrote:
> Apparently, for some reason safe_free ((void **) &idx[1]) resets
> idx[0] to NULL. Either, something really strange is happenig on your

Don't forget that optimizing will cause the assembler not to resemble
the original C source...

Compiling recvattach.c with -O instead of -O2 fixes it.

Wasn't it policy that -O was `normal'?  Of course, it's a bug in the
compiler, but using -O2 isn't necessary either. It's a mail client, not
setiathome :-)

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