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Re: [roessler@guug.de: Re: [bartw@xs4all.nl: Bug#47981: Mutt segv on viewing list of attachments]]

On Tue 26 Oct 1999, Marco d'Itri wrote:
> Can somebody help us?


> This looks like a (known) Alpha-specific problem.  Essentially, we
> have the following situation:
> 	struct s *idx[2];
> 	safe_free (&idx[1]);	/* after this line, idx[1] should be NULL.

I sure hope something got put into idx[1] between the declaration and
the call to safe_free() ...

> 				 * however, safe_free zeroes idx[0].
> 			         */
> 	idx[0]->x = NULL;	/* segv */


> 	safe_free(&idx[0]);
> That is, safe_free () zeroes out a pointer it should not zero out
> according to the C code.  This might be a compiler bug.
> So, in order to debug this, some knowledge of Alphas' machine
> language and architecture would be necessary.
> Any takers?

It would be helpful if some concrete pointers to places in the source of
mutt could be given; this looks awfully abstract to me after a quick
glance through the mutt sources... I.e. what file/line number is the
above situation?

Paul Slootman
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