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Re: debian install on ds-10

>>> Ernest Johanson said:
> I have an Alpha DS-10 that I am trying to install Debian on. Since the
> docs don't mention this system as being supported, I'm a bit in the dark
> regarding the installation process. Using the generic images, and booting
> from the SRM console, the kernel loads into memory and begins to run. When
> it tries to probe the SCSI controller, there is an "scsiL aborting command
> due to timeout ..." message that keeps repeating. No further progress from
> there. 
> It seems that booting from the SRM console doesn't initialize the SCSI
> controller. If I go into the AlphaBIOS, the controller is initialized.
> Anyone have an idea of how to get the SCSI initailzed from SRM, or what
> images to use with AlphaBIOS? Thanks in advance.

Sorry, it's not really a matter of what SRM does or doesn't do, it is
something that some kernels get wrong.

You're going to have to find someone to build a 2.2.12 kernel for you with
the following patch, in order to get your SCSI to work. It all used to be
fine with compilers up through EGCS 1.0.3a, but with EGCS 1.1.2 and GCC 2.95
and later, this problem crops up unless fixed this way.

This subject came up at the beginning of October on this mailing list, at
which time this patch was proved to be effective. I guess its not been put
into production yet for the kernels you were trying.

Good luck.

--- linux-2.2.12/include/asm-alpha/delay.h      Tue Dec 29 16:56:15 1998
+++ patch-2.2.12/include/asm-alpha/delay.h      Mon Sep 20 14:47:56 1999
@@ -12,9 +12,10 @@
 extern __inline__ void
 __delay(unsigned long loops)
-       __asm__ __volatile__(".align 3\n"
+       __asm__ __volatile__(".align 4\n"
                "1:\tsubq %0,1,%0\n\t"
-               "bge %0,1b": "=r" (loops) : "0" (loops));
+               "bge %0,1b\n\t"
+               "nop": "=r" (loops) : "0" (loops));


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