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Re: slink -> potato, all messed up!

Ron Farrer <rbf@toxic.magnesium.net> writes:

> Ok, so I tried dselect to upgrade. It downloaded all the required files 
> but kept getting stuck on login. Ok, so I figure "fine" and did "dpkg 
> -i *.deb" in all the directories, I got to web and started seeing out 


You just told dpkg to install all packages you had there without
regards of versions and current status. You probably installed (or
tried to) all of debian, which are a few gigs.

The correct way to upgrade to potato is eigther using dselect or
apt-get with the appropriate Packages.gz files and directory structure.
If you realy want to use dpkg directly use "dpkg -iGROEB" as dselect
does. That way dpkg will only install packages that you already had
installed and which are newer.

May the Source be with you.

PS: If you use dpkg update base first then the rest.

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