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Re: broke potato, missing unmet

On 11 Oct 1999, Ron Farrer wrote:

> I seem to be missing unmet... I'm trying to fully upgrade to potato to fix
> a problem with X11 and I keep getting stuck with a few packages that wont
> upgrade because they require Unmet?!?
> # apt-get install unmet
> <SNIP>
> <bunch of unaligned traps...>
> E: Couldn't find package Unmet
> Ideas?

Could it be saying that dependencies are "unmet" meaning not met?  If you
can, please send a log of "apt-get upgrade" and maybe I can figure it out.
I've done three slink->potato upgrades so far and may know the problems

As for the unaligned traps, I'm due to look into those shortly.  There's
some unaligned accesses going on in the C++ startup code (which was
*supposed* to be 64-bit clean).  If someone wants to look for the problem,
be my guest (I've got a nasty binutils bug to look at and fix first).


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