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New MILO and SX164 clock


Firstly, I have put new MILO source and binary images on genie.ucd.ie,
here is the changelog entry:

milo-2.0.35-c7 (source), milo-991007 (binary)

 * New VGA initialisation code from Andrew P. Lentvorski
 * MSDOS filesystem fixes from Loic Prylli
 * TGA patches from Martin Lucina
 * New configuration variable CPU_CLOCK (value in MHz) as an attempt to
   work around the SX164 clock speed misdetection problem
 * This time binaries are built with raw VGA initialisation code as opposed
   to the non-free Digital BIOS emulator used before
 * The free BIOS emulator is now in a state of mess, being merged with the
   x86emu project's results

Still trying to figure out what causes system clock's misbehaviour on
SX164, I added the CPU_CLOCK variable which overrides MILO's impression
of the CPU clock frequency.  Usage:
	MILO> set CPU_CLOCK 366
if you have a 366 MHz system.

Depending on the kernel, it may or may not help.  Old kernels used to
estimate the cycle frequency themselves when they saw 0 where it was
supposed to be.  New kernels (I don't remember where exactly the change
happened, somewhere in the 2.2.x line) always estimate it and replace
the old value (supplied by MILO or SRM) with the estimated one if they
differ more than a certain amount (10% or something).

A possible strategy is to set CPU_CLOCK 0 and see the kernel estimate it.

Now I should really appreciate it if people with SX164 systems wrote me
brief descriptions of situations when their clocks work correctly and
when they don't.  What I'm looking for is:
- MILO version (if applicable) from /proc/cpuinfo ("system serial number");
- kernel version;
- cycle frequency [Hz] (exactly as in /proc/cpuinfo, including the word
  "est." if present);
- actual system's cycle frequency (MHz);
- clock behaviour: OK/slow/fast, approx. how much.
Just a couple of lines; don't write anything else if you don't want to.
Put SX164 in the subject and e-mail it to me (cetus@snowball.ucd.ie).
If your system clock is now OK and you don't remember the setup when it
was misbehaving, just send me what you know.



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