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ISP1040 SCSI card driver problems

Hi -

I've currently managed to infiltrate our company network with linux boxes -
great so far as they are performing far better than their equivalent windows
versions. However, an old Alpha landed on my desk a week ago with the
previso that I made it into a file server for our network. Its a personal
workstation 433a (miata?) and I've got as far as putting linux onto it
(Slink running kernel 2.0.36). The problem is that the scsi card in it is a
QLogic ISP 10x0 (1040 I think) and the driver doesnt support
disconnect/reconnect. This makes it impractical to as a server (attached to
a raid device) and also stops the use of tape drives on it.
First question - anybody know where I can get a driver that supports
disconnect/reconnect or is it a scsi card problem?

I thought I'd upgrade to 2.2.12 to see if the driver was any better but no
joy. Firstly the network driver (tulip) seems to have been bumped down a
couple of versions and breaks (easily fixed by getting the latest version
from www) but when I do get it all running the kernel halts trying to detect
my tape drive (cant remember what model but its a DEC dat drive). Any clues?
If anyone wants any more info I can send it via email.



Marcus Williams, Quintic Ltd, 3 Andersons Court, Newnham Road, Cambridge,

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