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Re: Bug#46693: strange gtk+ behaviour on alpha with potato

Alpha folks, I have no idea how to reproduce this or debug it.
Can anyone help this guy?


    Edgar> Package: libgtk1.2
    Edgar> Version: 1.2.5-1

    Edgar> When I launch gimp, or any gnome applications, the text on
    Edgar> all the buttons, popup menus, gnome-panel, gnome-terminal
    Edgar> menubar, etc.  is all shifted over to the left. This means
    Edgar> that the first few letters of any text is not shown.

    Edgar> For example, on the Gimp the menubar I have 'ile' rather
    Edgar> than 'File'.

    Edgar> I'm using Debian potato, kernel 2.2.12-3, on an alpha
    Edgar> (avanti, AS 250 4/266) and libc6.1 (2.1.2-5)

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