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Yeah, 2.2.12 works and more! (was: Re: 2.2.12 does not work...)

Jay.Estabrook@digital.com (Jay.Estabrook@digital.com) wrote:

> Try the following patch:

Thanks very much Jay! After implementing your patch it I am now running 2.2.12 and some of potato (see

After installing some stuff out of potato with apt-get method, MAKE SURE you change sources.list from
unstable to stable again... I completely forgot and ran 'apt-get upgrade', oops! So I guess I'm running
slink with potato packages or am I running potato?!? Ohh well, it rebooted okay and is still running!

After doing the above, my clock is scewed (it says so when it was upgrading). It thinks its 1903!! ... and
the clock is about 8.5 hours off, it is also 5 days ago (Aug 28th, today is Oct 3rd)... Which to me would
be it thinks the hardware clock is set to US/Pacific (its set to GMT) and the local timezone is US/Pacific
(correct), but I have not a clue about the date part. Is this a known problem?

Should I try to downgrade back to slink or fix this and go with it? I'm sort of leaning towords staying
with it, I figure unstable is more stable then RH 6.0 is anyway (not that I want to use that).


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