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Re: 2.2.12 does not work...

Hi Ron,

On 1 Oct 1999, Ron Farrer wrote:

> Okay, so I grabbed 2.2.12 and built it with the ncr scsi. I rebooted and
> it does the same thing. After it probes the scsi bus it spits out a
> message saying it timmed out and then starts resetting the bus
> endlessly... Yet again, it works fine with the stock 2.0.36. 

Kernel 2.2.12 and symbios logic driver work quite well for me. But for
sure, this is no garantee that it works for you. I've got a LX164 and a
Symbios Logic card and my system is still running under glibc2.0 (RedHat
5.2). Before, I had some trouble installing the correct driver, the
NCR53C7xx/8xx of the kernel 2.1.123 was not accepted. But the error
messages were different. Perhaps you try the symbios logic driver. What
happens if you reboot the system, does it still time out? 





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