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Re: Lastest *working* kernel? / NCR vs SYMBIOS

On Thu 30 Sep 1999, Ron Farrer wrote:

> Okay, I said 'n' to the sym and 'y' to the ncr... Now I get a bunch of scsi resets in place of the previous error! I let
> it sit there a about 15 seconds and it ended up with like 7 or so scsi resets... Again, the stock 2.0.36 works, but
> 2.2.9 doesn't. BTW, I'm using make-kpkg to build the kernel, if it makes any difference. Any ideas?

I strongly recommend 2.2.12, a couple of issues with the symbios stuff
were resolved in 2.2.10, .11 and .12 (many not directly in the driver,
but in memory mapping etc that only affected the symbios drivers).

Paul Slootman
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