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Re: Mozilla?

>>> Christopher C Chimelis writes:


>> I was wondering where I could find a Mozilla .deb (or even tar) that
>> would run on slink? Having switched from RH6.0, I really miss the
>> lizard--I think RH came with M4? I tried Amaya and gzilla but I need
>> more than that. An M4 (or maybe even something newer) would be
>> great. Any pointers?

cc> I could probably whip up a deb set for M7.  It seemed to be the last one
cc> to work properly.  I do have some for potato, but it won't run on slink
cc> :-(

I understand.

cc> If you're not afraid of compiling it yourself, I can probably dig up the
cc> source package or ask the maintainer if he still has it.

Please do. If you could pass me an URL where I can find all the
required sources, that would be great!

Thank you,


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