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Re: Compaq C

On 8 Sep 1999, Ron Farrer wrote:

> If you don't mind doing a little hand holding and can wait about 48 hours,
> I'd be glad to do it. I will have a nice fresh install of Slink (replaced
> Rat Hat) by the end of today (I have other things to do, thats why so
> long).
> My system is:
> AS 200 4/233
> 64MB RAM
> Anyway, I was already downloading it when I read this message, so it
> wouldn't be much of a problem...

Sounds good.  I'll walk you through the debianisation of the RPMs (and
send you diffs to use with alien) and you can test it from there.  It'll
be much easier than having to edit the scripts that need editing and such.


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