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Re: upgrading to potato

On Tue 24 Aug 1999, debian-alpha-request@lists.debian.org wrote:
> well...  99% clean.  lynx don't work no more.  it wants /lib/libslang.1.2.2
> to have a symlink to /lib/libslang.1. that wasn't much of a problem,

Chris warned about that in a message last Thursday with subject
"Problem with slang...fyi":

: I just realised last night that there's a problem with our slang1 package
: in base (missing link to the lib).  I rebuilt it last night and it
: should be installed into master today circa 19:00 UTC.  So, the long and
: the short of it is: lynx and possibly anything else that's dynamically
: linked to libslang is broken until this is installed.  Also, you may have
: problems compiling software that links to libslang also.

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