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RE: Can't boot off MILO disk


It turned out to be a badly formatted disk. For some reason Windows 95
wouldn't format the disk correctly despite the fact that it was identified
as being FAT. When I reformatted the disk in Windows NT, it worked fine.

Thanks for your help.


Shane Broadbent

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> From: Nikita Schmidt [mailto:cetus@snowball.ucd.ie]
> Sent: Friday, 16 July 1999 11:13pm
> To: Shane Broadbent
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> Subject: Re: Can't boot off MILO disk
> On Friday, 16 Jul, Shane Broadbent wrote:
> > When I try booting
> > from this profile the floppy drive starts to read but it just gives the
> > error message above followed by "Error: Device Error, press any key to
> > continue".
> Can it be a "bad" floppy - with bad blocks or non-traditional formatting,
> or just somehow incompatible with the Alpha's floppy drive?  Can you try
> another one (or even two-three)?
> Nikita
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