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Can't boot off MILO disk


I have a DEC AlphaServer 400 2/233 which I'm trying to install Debian Alpha
2.1 on. From the ARC console when I try to boot from the disk I get the
message "File System not recognized" appearing. The disk is FAT formatted
and contains the files linload.exe, milo, and linux (just straight copy from
DOS). When I setup the boot profile (I'm not sure if that's the correct
word), I set it up to be booting from the floppy drive, with the osloader
path being \linload.exe and the other path as just \. When I try booting
from this profile the floppy drive starts to read but it just gives the
error message above followed by "Error: Device Error, press any key to
continue". Any suggestions as to how I can actually get this computer to
boot onto a MILO disk will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Shane Broadbent

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