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Re: Hwclock failure on a Sable

On Thu 25 Mar 1999, Wai-Sun Chia wrote:

> So obviously, the solution is to compile it in (2.2.4), which I
> happily did. On rebooting to my dismay, the boot process is being hung
> at "calibrating delay loop..." or something like that (didn't capture
> the
> exact message, sorry).  I think it's just after or before the Bogomips
> section.
> System is able to boot again once I unconfigure the RTC.

I read over on the linux-kernel list that this is indeed a known
problem. It was claimed that the latest hwclock (from util-linux?)
didn't need the rtc support in the kernel anymore on alpha, so that
might be something to try?

util-linux is available via ftp.kernel.org nowadays, I believe.

> It's not exactly a show-stopper as I can manually set the system date
> and time, but then I'll have to restart some daemons (notably sendmail)
> manually too.

For the time being, add an rc2.d/S00askdate script that prompts for the date?

Paul Slootman
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