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Re: Jade DONE and working!

On Wed, 11 Nov 1998, Paul Slootman wrote:

> Hmmm, couldn't this be handled in the preinst script of the new
> package? It seems that the "new" preinst script is always run.
> This could save a lot of folks a lot of pain...

Actually, I *just* remembered something....while testing jade compilation
a zillion times, I copied my old libsp to .old, so ignore all of that.  It
should upgrade painlessly.

> This is the gcc_2.91.58-3_alpha.deb that's currently in Incoming,
> right?  Could you also try a new libc with this compiler (see my
> fscanf problem, I posted this on Monday). I'd do it, but seeing
> how you're up to speed on this... :-)

I can compile it for you if you want to test it.  I think I still have
unpacked source somewhere....


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