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Re: WARNING X uploaded (was Re: xbase-clients package ?)

On Tue, 27 Oct 1998, Steph wrote:

> But I have a new question now :
> where is that package ?
> I couldn't have found it either on ftp.debian.org or on another mirror.
> Isn't it in the slink tree ?

Not yet.  In general, anytime that a maintainer says that they've
"uploaded it to master", it takes between 1 and 3 days to "process" (check
pgp key, install, override, etc).  For the most part, every day around
21:00 GMT, everything that's complete in master is processed and inserted
into the master archive (weekends sometimes take longer).  If it's a new
package or totally new upstream-based version, then it will take an
override from the archive maintainer before it gets inserted (around 3
days depending on how busy he is).  Oh, also, alot of the mirrors to the
master archive (including ftp.debian.org) are updated at different
intervals and may have their own delay as far as getting new packages
incorporated into them.


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