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Re: Preparing for the freeze (was: Obsolete packages in main/oldlibs)

>>>>> On Tue, 22 Sep 1998 14:24:52 +0200
>>>>> "Paul" == Paul Slootman <paul@wau.mis.ah.nl> wrote:

Paul> On Tue 22 Sep 1998, Michele Comitini wrote:
>> On 21-Sep-98 Christopher C Chimelis wrote:
>> > On Mon, 21 Sep 1998, Paul Slootman wrote:
>> > 
>> >> Apparently the freeze for slink is about 4 weeks away, and it
>> >> would be cool if Debian/Alpha makes it this time!
>> > 
>> > I agree.  I think we can do it this time around.  Any major
>> > problems need to be addressed soon, though, since I think slink's
>> > freeze time will be considerably shorter than hamm's was.
>> The biggest problems I see are:

>> - egcs has still some problems.

Paul> Not enough to hold up the release, I think.  Most people who
Paul> want to use Linux on Alpha won't be doing that much compiling,
Paul> and they're stuck with the buggy compilers on RH anyway, so why
Paul> not let them try debian instead?

What exactly are these problems and what on Earth makes you think
people using Linux on Alpha don't do a lot of compiling?  I'd have
thought it was the *opposite*.
  Apropos of compilers, will the egcs bundled with slink be capable of
compiling the kernel?  It would be rather unpleasant to have to
continue dealing with a RedHat-style gcc foo.bar compiler

>> I hope we will not have to wait until 2.2.x kernels are out.

Well, I'm not so sure that'd be a bad thing.  Maybe waiting a couple
of months would allow things like libc6, egcs (perhaps even gnome...)
to settle down a bit?

Paul> I don't think so. If Red Hat dare to ask money for their current
Paul> Alpha release, we can release Debian/Alpha 2.1 for free without
Paul> feeling guilty :-)

Good point.  I got their 5.1 alpha distribution, and have had problems
(understatement).  The libjpeg debacle was the last straw -- I'm about
to switch to Debian.  To be honest, I don't care too much about a
couple of rough edges -- I'll almost certainly be buying a slink
CD-ROM in any case.  It can't be worse than RedHat's 5.1.  I just hate
to think that I might have to go through downloading tens of megabytes
of fixed stuff just because of a release schedule -- I like ID's

        it's done when it's done

PS Would it be worth me bringing a UDB from home to a network to test
   installs, etc before the slink release?  I'm prepared to put some
   time in if it's useful.

 Robin Stephenson
 Improved Formula

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