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xntpd oddness

I'm having a strange problem with xntpd. It seems to be lying to me!

I'm running a ruffian under Debian and sharing filesystems with a Digital Unix
box. xntpd is running on both machines, and in both cases xntpdc claims that
they are within a few milliseconds of the time provided by the server. However,
'date' indicates the machines are out by quite a few seconds, and make starts
complaining about modification times in the future etc. The really weird thing
is that doing 'ntpdate (digital unix box)' on the ruffian brings them back into
sync, and tells me how many seconds it shifted things. Its almost like xntpd
has its own idea of what the time is and isn't asking the system at all. I
haven't had a chance to investigate properly, but has anybody else seen this?


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