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egcs pre1.1

Hi all...

FYI, I'm building the pre-release v1.1 of egcs right now.  It seems to
have fixed a number of problems, but I'll be testing it more extensively
once it's built.

Following Matthias Klose's uploading of the package for experimental, I
will be uploading a Haifa-enabled version of egcs to master and building a
Haifa-disabled version, which will be available by tomorrow on
beezer.med.miami.edu (in /pub/chris).

Pleeeeze test this to death since it looks more solid than the 1.0.3a
release and seems to address MANY of the problems that we have had in the

FYI, I should have the new one uploaded to Incoming by the end of the day.

Oh, one more thing, there is also a 'gpc' package now for the GNU Pascal
Compiler.  Please beat on this one too.  The main developer of gpc has an
account on an Alpha now and is working on making it work totally for us.
We have already seen quite a bit of compatibility added and Alpha-related
problems solved within the past two weeks, so if we can get timely bug
reports to them, I'm sure we can keep the ball rolling in that respect.



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