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Re: error setting ownership of symlink


Christopher C Chimelis <chris@classnet.med.miami.edu> writes:

> This seems to be common in the development kernels.  Symlinks seem to be
> more strictly "enforced" than before (requiring a target to set
> ownership).  Double-check that the target of the symlink actually exists.
> If it does, it should work ok, but if not, then dpkg will segfault.  This
> is usually caused by dpkg not correctly ordering package installation
> under the newer kernels (dpkg needs some revision, fyi).  If the target
> exists and it still segfaults, I guess repost and we'll take a better look
> at dpkg.

I forget to post how I solved it :-) but that is like you described. A
few packages could be installed after the depending package was
installed, for other ones I had to touch the file or make the

And you are right,too, I´m running a 2.1.117 kernel. Cause I couldn´t
get a 2.0.x kernel compiled. 

But, I haven´t this problem under x86, where I also have a newer
kernel installed. Is this related to alpha?

Thanks for your answer


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