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netscape, em86, xemacs?


now, that our Alpha is running fine under Debian/Linux, only a few programms
are missing to be really happy :-)

1.) I found in the kernel configuration file the following:

  <M> Kernel support for Linux/Intel ELF binaries 

  Say Y here if you want to be able to execute Linux/Intel ELF            
  binaries just like native Alpha binaries on your Alpha machine. For        
  this to work, you need to have the emulator /usr/bin/em86 in place.        
  You may answer M to compile the emulation support as a module and          
  later load the module when you want to use a Linux/Intel binary. The       
  module will be called binfmt_em86.o.  If unsure, say Y.                    

Where to get this em86?

2.) Is there a linux alpha netscape version?

3.) I tried to compile xemacs on my own, but run into missing header
files, namely

#include <filehdr.h>
#include <aouthdr.h>
#include <scnhdr.h>
#include <syms.h>

Then I installed the deb-files anounced on the list
yesterday. But xemacs-20.4-nonmule dumps directly dumps core. The
backtrace isn´t very exhaustive:

(gdb) bt
#0  0x120040948 in _start ()

The xemacs-20.4-mule is running.


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