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Re: more bugs

On Wed, 17 Jun 1998, Michael Dietrich wrote:

> here some more bugs (didn't anybody else find them?):
> some packages depend on libc6, while only libc6.1 exist

Do you have a list?  If not, I can generate one on master, so don't

> date is in year 2018

This is a kernel problem (RTC *needs* to be included for ARC boots).  You
can get around this by rolling your own kernel with the RTC driver built
into it.

> keyboard autorepeat too slow

Hmmm...never found this to be a problem, but...

> superformat does not work.

I'll be poking at this sometime soon.  I've been wondering how it works,
but since I never use my floppy, I wasn't sure.

> bootpd: bootpd.c:247: main: Assertion `sizeof(struct bootp) == 300' failed.  Abort

This is purely mine...I'll take it.  I must've missed this.



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