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Re: Aboot package, anyone?

On Fri, Aug 21, 1998 at 01:21:27PM -0400, Christopher C Chimelis wrote:
> > Is there an aboot package somewhere?
> > Would there be any interest if I did one?  I'm currently using aboot to
> > start up my Debian box from SRM.  I can't stand ARC.
> Funny you should mention this...I was just thinking about this yesterday
> :-)  If you already have a head-start, go right ahead.  Also, I'd have to
> switch over to SRM from ARC to be able to play more with it (making you
> the obvious choice because of lack of experience on my part).
> In short, go for it!  I'm sure it'll be appreciated and used.
> BTW, do we have source for aboot somewhere?  Just curious...never looked
> for it.

I found a source rpm floating around on the net with patches that are
just a few days old.  The version on azstarnet doesn't work with glibc2,
recent kernels, or ELF.  I've successfully booted 2.1.116 and 2.1.117
with the patched aboot on my as200.  (Note that I haven't installed it
on my hard disk yet -- I'm using bootp.)

In any case, aboot-0.5 requires three patches.  What's the Debian-approved
way to deal with packages that require multiple diffs?  Do we just roll
them all into the Debian diff?  It seems like it would be best to keep
them distinct, as Red Hat does.  I can think of some other problems as
well: aboot requires the "objstrip" program in the kernel source, and
it would be nice to write some scripts to do things that people would
ordinarily do with the makefile.  The howto is also a bit out of date.

I don't mind doing a package, but I don't know a lot about Debian
packaging requirements.  I'll need some guidance.  Can you help?



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