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Re: FAQ: MILO gets memory size wrong

On Tuesday, 18 Aug, Jay.Estabrook@digital.com wrote:
> There are two ways in which the LINUX kernel will have accurate information
> about how much memory is installed in the box:
> 1. boot the kernel *DIRECTLY* from SRM console (via aboot).
> 2. boot the kernel via MILO from ARC or AlphaBIOS console.

There is a patch for MILO that (amongst other things) makes it detect
memory size when booted from SRM.  This patch and the MILO images are in
genie.ucd.ie:/pub/alpha/milo.  These images are not to be considered
production quality (they don't use Digital's BIOS emulator and the
support for 24-plane TGA is broken), but still may be useful.  I hope to
get this patch eventually merged with the mainstream version.


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