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pre egcs-1.1 testers needed

The egcs-1.1 release begins to appear on the horizon. As you can see
in http://www.cygnus.com/ml/egcs/1998-Aug/0148.html a "testsuite" for
egcs-1.1 was choosen:

"We've also got to get the glibc,  linux kernel and RH5.1 build tests
going in full swing.

Who wants to volunteer for any of this work?  We're particularly
interested in x86, alpha, sparc & ppc folks who are familiar with
building glibc, the linux kernel and Red Hat distributions."

>From http://www.cygnus.com/ml/egcs/1998-Aug/0512.html:
"Let's start with the kernel build.  I'm tempted to declare 2.1.115 as
 the kernel to build and test."

The exact version of glibc isn't yet choosen.

For now, there only exists debian pacakges for ix86 and the alpha
architecture. Check out http://master.debian.org/~doko/. Please email
me if you are going to build the egcs package for another architecture.

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